We’re Obsessed: 3 Devices for Lifting, Sculpting, and Boosting Glow at Home

Even for those once devoted to their facialists and dermatologists, skin care has suddenly become a fully at-home endeavor. Fortunately, there’s some great clean tech out there that really works. These three goop bestsellers are pretty amazing results-wise, not to mention easy to use. Combined with your favorite skin care, they can really change the way your skin looks and feels, making it glowier, more lifted, firmer, smoother, clearer, brighter, and more.


Whether your skin is breakout-prone, combination, sensitive, or dry or you just want to look more lifted and glowy, this nanocurrent device aims to stimulate collagen and elastin to make anyone’s skin look brighter and more supple. Developed by legendary electric aesthetician Melanie Simon, it comes with a totally clean conductive gel—a nourishing, skin-coddling serum that’s a treatment in and of itself—which you apply generously before using. The device is incredibly easy and works with your phone to deliver nine different electrical treatments, each targeting a particular skin concern, from sagging and dullness to breakouts. You can do it day and night, weekly, or monthly—the results are incredible.

SOURCE: https://goop.com/beauty/skin/home-skin-devices-that-work/