The ZIIP Routine We’re Now All Obsessed With

Bring up the ZIIP nanocurrent device around the goop staff and prepare for some full-court-press proselytizing. Whatever your skin needs—lifting and sculpting, depuffing, radiance, breakout-soothing, tone-evening—the ZIIP probably has a strategy for it. And when you combine its nanocurrent with skin treatments, you supercharge it, says ZIIP creator and legendary Los Angeles electrical aesthetician Melanie Simon, who gives us her favorite (easy) ZIIP routine for maximum glowiness.

“ZIIP supports collagen and elastin production to help make skin plumper and firmer,” says Simon. “This means products don’t have to work as hard to give you even minimal results. When layered correctly—from thinnest to thickest in most cases—products can work wonders on the epidermis (the top layers of skin). Although the epidermis is not alive, it’s like your fingernails or your hair: The better you care for it, the more beautiful and healthy it will look. ZIIP focuses on the lower levels, the foundation of the face. When the foundation is healthy and you have a good product routine, your skin can look amazing. This is true for anyone—with any skin type, at any age.”