Featured 11.19-11.25.18 | Two words we were never expecting to say in the same sentence? Electricity and skincare. Until we met mad scientist and beauty guru, Melanie Simon, who opened our eyes to the power (had to) of electricity to help stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin (and let’s be honest, at this point we’ll do anything to get things stimulated, right?). In addition to developing her in-demand electrical facials, which she now performs from offices in Montecito, LA and Jackson Hole, she’s also responsible for dreaming up the ZIIP—a tiny nanocurrent skincare device that can be used for lifting, sculpting, tightening and just achieving a general *I woke up like this* glow. So what’s this electrical esthetician (yes, that’s a thing) up to when she’s not making the world a dewier place? She’s embracing mountain life in a small town near Tejon Ranch in California, hanging with her daughter or circling the globe in her pajamas (not necessarily the ones that are her “daytime” outfit). Whether it’s her love of mountains or her love of nanocurrents, spending the week with this skincare wizard is truly nothing short of unique. Welcome to Melanie’s week.

Mad Scientist, Electrical Conductor, Dancer, Dreamer
Melanie Simon is the creator and cofounder of ZIIP and Melanie Simon Skincare. She is an expert in the field of nanocurrent and an electrical esthetician who has been working with clients for 15 years in Los Angeles, Montecito, California, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Upon winning a 2018 Elle Genius Award she was dubbed “the Nikola Tesla of facialists” for her ability to harness electricity in the name of lit-from-within skin.
She performs what Vogue calls the “holy grail of treatments” to a discerning and intelligent client base from around the world, but an entrepreneurial drive and a desire to bring her unparalleled electrical expertise outside of the treatment room lead her to create ZIIP in 2015 and Melanie Simon Skincare in 2018. ZIIP, the first-of-its-kind at-home nanocurrent tool, syncs with an app that allows users to access different electrical combinations designed by Simon to lift, tone, and sculpt the face, as well as treat an oncoming pimple or manage hyperpigmentation. In 2018, she launched Melanie Simon Skincare. It began as a gift to her most treasured clients: an elusive clear bottle marked with a wax seal and accompanied by specific instruction. Her secret recipe may no longer be for a sole client, but each bottle is nonetheless marked by her personal touch and charm.