Kim Kardashian Uses the $495 ZIIP Beauty At-Home Device to Zap Dark Spots

We all know Kim Kardashian takes her skincare regimen *very* seriously. The beauty mogul often takes to her app and social media to share her favorite products, and though she is known to love some cheapies (we wrote about the $10 retinol serum from The Ordinary she can’t get enough of), she also relies on a few more expensive finds. Take, for instance, the $495 ZIIP Beauty at-home nano current device that KKW has frequently been spotted using. After testing it out on her Snapchat for the first time a few years ago, the mom of three has mentioned it several times since and just shared this week that she is using the device’s newest “Pigment Treatment” to help combat dark spots and hyper-pigmentation.

For the uninitiated, at-home nano current devices like the ZIIP send tiny electrical currents of varying wavelengths into the skin to boost collagen production and kill acne-causing bacteria (among other benefits). Celeb esthetician Melanie Simon, who is know for her professional skin-clearing and glow-boosting micro current facials, created the ZIIP (which operates at a much lower frequency than in-office models) so that her clients could continue to the reap the benefits of her treatments between visits.

What makes the ZIIP different than other nano current products on the market is that the white computer mouse-like device syncs with an app on users’ cell phones that is programmed with specialized treatments to target specific concerns like breakouts, fine lines, puffy eyes and sagging skin. Different strength currents are deployed to the device depending on the program you select, and the guided treatments last five to 10 minutes each.

Now, about that “Pigment Treatment” Kardashian shared that she’s been using this week. It’s designed to even skin tone by suppressing the overproduction of melanin that leads to dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. The six-minute treatment launched in February and is meant to be used every other day until pigmentation improves and then once a week for maintenance after that.

The $500 price point may be steep, but we’d at least consider trying anything that could help us get closer to Kardashian’s chiseled cheekbones and #flawless complexion!