The ZIIP Beauty founder reveals her personal strategy for maintaining a clear complexion.

ZIIP Beauty founder and electrical esthetician Melanie Simon is perpetually radiant. She’s even made her appointment-only magic available for at-home use with her palm-size ZIIP Nano Current Skincare Device, a sleek, user-friendly contraption that links up to an iPhone app targeting dry skin, signs of aging, and acne. In her weekly video series, the skin care guru gives it to you straight up (a phrase she constantly employs), revealing her anti-aging techniques and go-to products.

Putting your best face forward amid the pitfalls of fluctuating hormones, stress, and pollution is, for many, a serious challenge. That’s why we asked esthetician Melanie Simon to shine a guiding light on how to best approach problem skin. “Acne is super important to me,” says the ZIIP Beauty founder, “I didn’t have it throughout high school, and then I got it so badly . . . It was this horrible thing until I found a few things [that worked].” Fortunately for us, she reveals those skin-saving discoveries including the “magic formulas” she swears by, her blemish-banishing device, and the proper way to tackle clogged pores.


“Acne puts off a positive electrical charge, and you want to combat that with something negative,” says Simon. The solution is Simon’s very own ZIIP Nano Current Device and Conductive Gel Treatment that uses an acne program and an iPhone app to distribute negative charges. “I promise you it’s not going to break you out,” she reassures us speaking to the conductive gel, “that was my number one criteria after making sure it was highly conductive.” The treatment only takes 1 minute per zone (or 8 minutes if you’re doing your entire face).

SOURCE: https://www.violetgrey.com/violet-files/industry-experts/face-time-with-melanie-simon-secrets-to-a-clearer-complexion