Esthetician Melanie Simon Swears By This Cult-Favorite French Skincare Product

Melanie Simon is a big name in the beauty biz. She's a renowned esthetician and skincare entrepreneur who co-created ZIIP, which is a nano-current device used to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin using small and undetectable electrical surges. She also recently launched her own skincare product, called Serum C. It's a clear, clean, and highly stable vitamin C serum that brightens and brings radiance back to the complexion (In case you were wondering, it's incredibly buzzy. Hollywood insiders love it and it's already sold out on her website).

Here she sits down with us to dish on her all-time favorite skincare products. From her namesake serum to an Amazon favorite moisturizer and a tinted sunscreen, watch the full video to see all five of her favorites.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 is a cult-favorite skincare product. It's equally as well-known as it is well-loved by industry professionals, bloggers, and beauty editors alike. (For proof, just look to our full glowing review.) Simon clearly agrees. "It's been around since 1970, like it says on the bottle. It's a toner, but it's so much more than a toner. It will pH balance your skin. It can clean your skin. It really snaps your pores together. It gives you this radiance. It does that because it's basically exfoliating your face with lactic acid, and lactic acid is one of those acids that also moisturizes the skin at the same time.

You're getting exfoliation and you're moisturizing, so you don't dry out and look parched."

You can purchase Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 at and select spas and retailers, or in France.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream ($22)

This all-purpose skin salve is not only a cult favorite, but it's also one of Amazon's best-selling skincare products of all time. Simon uses it as an eye treatment. "This is another one that's been around forever. It's basically a beeswax product. At night—this is sort of my secret—because your eyelids are kind of like your lips—they get chapped—I just take the tiniest bit of this and I put it on my eyelids at night. Honestly, it keeps them from getting that crepe-y look. If I don't do it, they almost look chapped, so go home and try this. No one treats their eyelids with anything; They do their whole face and they forget about the eyelid. They only put makeup on it. So, this is it."

Melanie Simon Skincare Serum C ($200)

The aforementioned vitamin C serum also made the cut. "I've been using this C on my clients for about three years, and actually micro-needling it right into their face. So puncturing little tiny holes and then saturating their skin in this very potent, very clean, and very stable form of vitamin C."

Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream ($30)

Don't forget about sunblock (it's all about prevention, people!). Simon recommends two Jane Iredale products for blocking harmful UV rays. The first is this tinted BB cream with SPF 25 and the other is the Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener ($48). "It's your sunblock that is just tinted to match your skin. It doesn't soak into your skin, so it's not ruining all the product that's underneath. It's not going to break you out."

ZIIP Beauty Device & Golden Conductive Gel ($495)

Simon's all-time favorite skincare product? It's the ZIIP beauty device. "My number one product is ZIIP, because ZIIP can affect the skin at a cellular level. The way that it works is you have this app that you upload. The app is free, and you choose which program is best for you."