At home facial | We tried 20 gadgets and these are the 5 worth buying

They deserve a place on your skincare wishlist!


Fact: We are the ones who want to know everything about all skincare gadgets. Among the expensive LED masks made by celebrities, colorful facial massage devices promoted by influencers and endless ads on socials, what is the end value of your money? I had this question too and that's why I indulged in the struggle to find the skincare gadgets that REALLY work. Here is the conclusion:

Honestly, I did not want to like this device at all. Its hefty price made me wish it was just an inaccessible and pointless gadget with good promotion on social media. And yet the Ziip is a really innovative gadget that -sorry my wallet says- works!

It is a device that, through a set of charged disks, transfers an electric cocktail to the skin , "recharging" its batteries. More specifically, it uses the excitatory power of cells possessed by tiny electrical currents - including nanofluids - to optimize their efficiency.

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Although very small in size, this powerful gadget increases the levels of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), collagen and elastin, thus accelerating skin regeneration. In combination with the special gel, it is the perfect at home way to delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and to repair already existing signs of aging .

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Personally, I use it to fight acne and reduce scars from older pimples. I will not lie: Because of the small "bites" it is not the most pleasant process. However, the results are really impressive and so I still use it faithfully 3 times a week.