9 Facial Treatments Skin Care Specialists Now Offer Virtually, to Keep Your Skin Glowing in Lockdown

Many top estheticians have moved their services online, so you can still pamper your skin with their virtual guidance.

When it comes to skin care, the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have created a perfect storm. Masks and stress are causing skin irritation, and thanks to the deluge of video conferences involved in remote work, we’ve never spent more time looking at ourselves. Meanwhile, the past several months have seen estheticians unable to treat clients in person. Luckily for those whose skin is desperate for attention, some of the top facialists and skin care lines have developed high-end treatments and services that can be done remotely, allowing clients to get a professional treatment without leaving home. While some will guide you through a true facial, coaching you through mask application and massage techniques, others offer holistic consultations about existing habits in order to finesse your routine. And of course, the silver lining is that no matter where you are, you can now receive expert advice from a skin specialist in London, Paris, or New York. Below are nine of the best facial treatments available virtually.


Melanie Simon is known for using electricity to treat skin, leaving her clients’ faces glowing and lifted. She’s no longer accepting new clients, but fortunately, she’s made her treatments accessible to luxury skin care enthusiasts around the world. Alongside a former Silicon Valley engineer, Simon created the ZIIP. It’s a small, handheld device that uses nano and microcurrent technology to encourage circulation, healing, and collagen production, among other benefits. ZIIP syncs with the app when hovered over a phone, automatically opening a video of Simon teaching your chosen program (which range from acne clearing to pigmentation reduction to an “instant gratification” face sculpt). On contact with your skin, the device emits a tingling sensation, vibrating when it’s ready to move to the next spot on your face and beeping to mark the halfway point. Expect a surprisingly easy experience, and clear, tightened, and brightened skin.

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